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Black + Silver PT Fitness Personal Trainer Mini Trampoline


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PT Bouncer - Rebounder- mini trampoline


A rebounder is a mini trampoline which will provide an aerobic workout for people of any age. It can be used to provide gentle exercise or a high impact exercise workout. It has been quoted by NASA as being the most effective exercise devised by man. Regular use can help tone up muscles, burn calories, reduce stress, lower blood pressure, improve heart rate, help you sleep better and improve skin texture, reduce cellulite amongst many other benefits.

An easy and fun workout for all the family.

Rebounding has been found to be a great form of exercise, a few minutes a day can be the equivalent of a half hour aerobic workout. Rebounding or trampolining is fun, healthy and will tone up all muscles in the body. Rebounding works by using gravity to gently stretch and work every single cell in the body. This gentle stretching and compression at a cellular level happens twice for each bounce, once when the body moves from up to down at the highest point, and once when it moves from down to up on the bounce.
The PT Bouncer is one of the best rebounders on the market. With its unique Swedish piano wire springs, the PT Bouncer rebounder retains its firm and stable bounce throughout years of use. Its benefits continue to appeal to a wide range of users, you choose your own level of exercise and benefit from an enjoyable low impact, aerobic, rebounding workout.
A weather proof bed which provides an even tension on all 36 reinforced heavy-duty plated springs giving the unique central bounce.

Suitable for most ages and sizes.

Condition Like New
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