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Swapper Safety

We're committed to building a safe and trusted community, enjoyable for and respectful of all our members. As a user, we ask that you interact with fellow users politely and follow basic swapper etiquette. When in doubt, follow the Golden Rule of swapping:

Treat others in the same way that you would have them treat you.

We ask all members to:

  • Be respectful and treat your fellow swappers in a way that would invite repeat swaps
  • Maintain the integrity of our community, do your best and give fellow swappers the benefit of the doubt

Most Swapsity members are well-intentioned, trustworthy and respectful. Nevertheless, just like with any web-based community, it's important to use common sense online and when meeting with fellow swappers in person. We recommend that you follow these swapper safety tips:

  • Check the other member's profile and rating before deciding to swap. Reviewing another member's feedback allows you to gauge the swapper's reputation.
  • When meeting in person, we recommend picking a public meeting spot. Consider having a friend accompany you. It’s best to not invite strangers into your home.
  • Do not give away more personal information than absolutely necessary (e.g. home address, financial information).
  • Inform us immediately if you experience problems with any other members.
  • Flag any questionable ads.
  • As with any online community, exercise common sense regarding your personal safety and always trust your gut feeling.

Contact us safety@swapsity.ca with any concerns.

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