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Spinny-Doo - Precision spinning top for males 18 ~ 95


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Spinny-Doo™ is a high-quality, precision rendition of quite possibly the oldest toy in the world - the spinning top. Spinny-Doo™ is fascinating to watch, challenging to spin, and ever the conversation piece. Spin it while you're on the phone, thinking, or relaxing. Demonstrate the principles of inertia, gyroscopic effect, and precession to your children, or students. Show it to your family, friends, colleagues at work too, but be careful - they may not want to give Spinny-Doo™ back again!


Spinny-Doo is targeted at 18 ~ 95 year-old males, typically, and makes an extraordinary gift. I am advertising here for two reasons - naturally, so you will go to the Spinny-Doo website at , but also to pique the interest of distributors who wish to take on another SKU and profit from a facinating toy that has incredible word-of-mouth advertising.

If you own a retail store for toys, games, men's gadgets, scientific or educational items, gift shop, or run an online retail website, please visit for more details and to contact us.

The swapper is seeking...

  • Need distributors for new high-precision spinning top
  • Late model 14x40 or 16x40 lathe wanted (or near equiv)
  • iPod TOUCH 5 w/32GB - want one for each of my kids

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