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Reiki Training and Attunement


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With every Reiki level the student goes through their own personal clearing and healing. Reiki is a powerful tool that has had immense positive impact on my life as well as my clients. If you are interested in exploring Reiki as a career, PT hobby or even for yourself. 

To learn more about me and my services please visit my website

Level one begins the cleansing and energy adjustment of the practitioner. In this level you will learn:

Symbols for physical healing

Grounding exercises

Hand placements

Manifesting through Reiki

Importance of personal and work space hygeine

Clearing your energy and  space after a session


Level two continues the cleansing and energy adjustment of the practitioner. In this level you will learn:

  • Symbols for mental and emotional healing

  • Distance healing

  • How to use symbols to clear energy in your home

  • Karmic healing

  • Using the symbols to protect and rebuild the aura


Level III-Masters will give the practitioner the highest level of healing and will complete the energy adjustment. In this level you will learn:

  • Symbols for spiritual healing

  • Symbols for passing Reiki initiations

  • How to pass Reiki initiations

  • Review of Reiki I and II

The swapper is seeking...

  • Cleaning
  • PT Nany
  • Newsletter
  • Personal Assistant for a day
  • Hospitality/ Event Help
  • Accounting/ Bookeeping
  • Social Media Building/Content
  • Anything interesting...

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