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Hypnotherapy/Synaptic Alteration Sessions-Certfied


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 I'm Jonathan. I have been practicing  hypnosis for over 10 years and I would like to help  those in need of therapy to help with their psychological problems. I run a freelance practice.  I am fully licensed and I  can help with weight loss, self-esteem/confidence problems,  delicate problems,  potency, and behaviour altering traits. I can also help teenagers and young adults who have late puberty or   have hormone problems, hence if you're a late bloomer, come to me.  I can also help you look and feel younger through the sessions and even restore hair growth for  balding men. Hypnosis can also be used to restore elasticity  to the skin and slow down the aging process, restoring vitality. It can also help with body image issues and make them physically beautiful/handsome. Hypnotherapy can help with puberty woes. I specialize in beauty hypnosis, but also help people with psychological issues.  These may take a few more sessions than normal, but they will produce results. My sessions are  $150 an hour for a maximum of up to 1 hour per session depending on the severity of the situation/condition. If you would like to book a session please contact me at 613-897-0434.  I specialize in hormone acceleration hypnotherapy.  Please contact me only  if you are serious and are susceptible to  hypnosis. Please also take into account that it may take more than one session to treat said problem. Hypnosis is not magic, and thus,   can take time. I would like to point out that what I do is called synaptic alteration, its scientific term.  There are numerous articles proving the scientific credibility of hypnosis, athough it is referred to as synaptic alteration.  Although some patients I have worked with have developed results almost instantly. I can also enhance a person's beauty. However, it can still take time. It may take a few weeks for results. I have been doing hypnosis since I was 17. I also practice experimental forms of hypnosis  and different applications not yet discovered, so I'm also looking for willing test subjects if anyone is interested. My goal, drive, and purpose is to help people in need.

 Hours of  Operation: 
 Monday-Friday:  9 AM-6 PM 
Saturday and Sunday:  9 AM-5 PM
 I'm also willing to accept any items  you are willing to barter if you can't afford to pay me. Please inquire as to what I need/want

The swapper is seeking...

  • Jewelry, rings, perfume
  • heavy barbells
  • Heavy dumbell weights
  • cologne
  • Barbells/workout equipment
  • Anything interesting...

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