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freelance martial arts training/various styles, black belt level


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I am a freelance Martial artist trained in the art of Shaolin kung fu from the age of 15 onwards. I was trained by a kung fu Grand Master in Vancouver British Columbia. I am  high functioning disabled with cerebral palsy. I can teach anyone who wants to know various styles of martial arts how to fight if you're disabled or  fully functional. I am a black belt level in various other styles as well and have invented my own unique martial arts style. I also know ninjutsu, Wushu and Wudang kung fu as well as Jeet Kune Do. My own style is called  "The Way of the Lightning  Fist" which also incorporates fighting styles based on various mythical creatures using upper and lower body strength depending on how functional the student is. If anyone is interested please respond.  My lessons are direct and straightforward.  I don't use a belt system. I believe that a student/master is driven by their own desire to learn and succeed at their own pace. Anyone can learn as fast as they need to.  Remember.. "learn what is useful, reject what is useless" -Bruce Lee (1940-1973)

The swapper is seeking...

  • Jewelry, rings, perfume
  • heavy barbells
  • Heavy dumbell weights
  • cologne
  • Barbells/workout equipment
  • Anything interesting...

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