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Watch Yo Mouth like Watch Your Mouth card game

Jordan Station

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Selling a partially used amusingly funny card game that you use mouth pieces to say words which make you sound hilarious! PERFECT PARTY GAME for your next gathering (as long as little ones are not around, some of the words are age restricted) ;) Original game comes with box, instructions, timer and CLASSIC deck of cards (100 cards) We have x2 extra packs of UNUSED unopened Mouthpieces each contain x4 each. Also included are extra expansion packs we purchased: Expansion Pack Naughty (100 cards) Expansion Pack NICE (100 cards) Expansion Pack (X-Rated v1.1) (100 cards) Expansion Pack v1.0 (50 cards) Originally spent over $100 US plus shipping to get it over here. Make your next Christmas / New Years Party over the top with laughter! Perfect to use if you already own Watch Your Mouth game :) Willing to meet up: (Vineland) FOODLAND - off Highway 8 (Vineland) Tim Hortons - off QEW (St. Catharines) Michael's Art Store - on 4th Avenue

The swapper is seeking...

  • Hallmark Itty Bitty Ghostbusters BURNT Stay Puft
  • FUNKO POP red / pink Stay Puft Marshmallow Man
  • Ghostbusters Venkman & Slimer 30th Anniversary FUNKO POP
  • Amethyst Cathedral - an extremely large purple open faced
  • FUNKO POP - Cthulhu NERD
  • Sony PS1 video game Star Ocean
  • Monster Factory Mythicals plush stuffed animal toys /tags

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