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Group Organizer Agreement

Swapsity Swap Groups bring together Swapsity Users who share a common interest, locality or other commonality. Swapsity offers its Users tools to swap, sell and buy items and skills between Users within public or private swapping communities (the "Groups" or "Group"). Each Group is managed by one organizer (the "Group Organizer" or "Organizer"). Public Groups are accessible to all Swapsity Users while Private Groups are only open to Users invited by the Group Organizer. SWAPSITY ASSUMES NO LIABILITY FOR THE ACTIONS OR REPRESENTATIONS OF GROUPS OR GROUP ORGANIZERS, WHETHER AFFECTING THEIR MEMBERS OR THIRD PARTIES.

Effective date: September 2, 2008

Last modified: September 7, 2008


To create a Group, the Organizer must agree to following:

Summary for Group Organizer

As outlined in detail below, we request that you maintain your Groups diligently, request consent from Swapsity prior to using our logo in your promotional material, and not charge your members any fees for this service. We respect your Group members' privacy and will not sell or share their personal information and email address with any third parties. We are committed to providing you with a trouble free user experience, however, please bear in mind that this new service is in the beta stage and you may encounter unexpected errors. The service for Groups is currently free. The terms of use are outlined below:

Group Organizer Role and Responsibility

Responsibilities -- The Group Organizer is in charge of:

1)      Requesting a new Group;

2)      Updating Group description and Group logo;

3)      Creating and maintaining swapping categories for Items traded in the Group;

4)      Posting group specific news on the Group blog;

5)      Inviting members and responding to invitation requests; and

6)      Ensuring smooth operation and well being of their Groups.

Just as Swapsity is committed to keeping the Service running smoothly for all Users, the Group Organizers are requested to maintain their Groups with diligence and to be responsive to their Group members' queries or invitation requests. The Group Organizer's responsibility is to keep the Group categories organized and up-to-date as per their members needs. Group Organizers are also requested to inform Swapsity if they notice any violations including Illegal Items posted by members within a Group.

NOTE: Swapsity respects your college's academic policy and we do not wish to include any items that may violate your university's internal policies. It is the moderator's responsibility to inform the group members not to post any unauthorized academic materials. Such may include but are not limited to:

  1. Copyrighted instructor's hand-outs or lectures notes
  2. Mid-terms or final examinations from prior years or any other old exams
  3. Solutions to assignments or exams
  4. Teacher's solution manuals
  5. Any other unauthorized materials

It is your responsibility to inform your members to abide by the academic policy of your university. If your students are in doubt, please double check with your academic institution. We thank you for your cooperation.

Rights -- The Group Organizer may at his or her discretion:

1)      Update the Group categories, description, logo, group blog;

2)      Change the Group from public to private and vice versa;

3)      Subject to informing Swapsity and receiving approval, a Group Organizer may transfer his or her ownership of a Group to another Groups User. Swapsity will require a short notice period to transfer Group ownership;

4)      Subject to informing Swapsity, the Group Organizer may withdraw as Group Organizer. Swapsity retains the right to act as the new Group Organizer of the 'abandoned' Group; and

5)      For Private Groups, Group Organizers may set decide who may or may not join the Group. Public Groups are open to all Swapsity Users who are members.

Group Members

Invited Group members will enjoy access to the Group created by the Group Organizer as well as all other Swapsity tools and Services.

Promotion and Use of Swapsity Logo

The Group Organizer must obtain written permission from Swapsity prior to using Swapsity's logo in any promotional materials including but not limited to membership cards, posters, blogs, websites or any other promotional materials. Please email help@swapsity.ca to request consent.

Logo Ownership

Group Logos: Swapsity claims no ownership over any logos or identifying marks posted by clubs, associations or Groups. The provisions in the User Agreement governing copyrights, trademarks, and intellectual property apply, with necessary modifications, to Group Logos. By posting and using logos or marks on the Site, the club, association, Group or other body or individual with intellectual property rights to the logo or mark consents to its use by Swapsity at any location on the Site or in Swapsity promotional or other material.

Communication with Group Members

Any Group member automatically becomes a Swapsity User. As such, Swapsity retains the right to communicate directly with all Users, include Users belonging to Groups, and to provide these Users with materials related to Swapsity's Services. These materials may include but are not limited to announcements, newsletter, offers, promotions and other relevant information.

Group Fees

The Service is currently free for all Groups. In the future, Fees may apply to Groups, clubs and associations. Group organizers will be provided with sufficient notice and will have an option to withdraw from further use of the Service prior to incurring any Fees.

No Fees for Group Members

Group organizers may not charge their Users any fees for the use of any of Swapsity's Services without Swapsity's knowledge or consent.

Closing of Groups

Existing Groups can only be dissolved at Swapsity's discretion. If the Group Organizer wishes to withdraw as the Group Organizer, the following may occur:

1)      An existing Group member may replace the original Group Organizer;

2)      Swapsity may take over as the new organizer;

3)      Swapsity may close the Group; or

4)      Swapsity may merge the Group with another similar Group.

In the event that the Group ceases to exist, all Group members will retain their Swapsity accounts. Swapsity retains the right to close any Group if the Group's activities violate Swapsity terms as outlined in the User Agreement or if the Group is inactive.

Removal of Group Organizer

Swapsity retains the right to remove or replace any Group Organizer who violates the User Agreement, breaches the Group Organizer Agreement, or maintains a very low feedback rating.

Use of Service/Modification

Swapsity reserves the right at any time or times to modify or discontinue, temporarily or permanently, all or any portion of our Service with or without notice. You agree that we shall not be liable for any reason to you, any other User, or to any third party for any modification, suspension or termination of our Service. You agree that we may remove or edit content you have posted. Swapsity reserves the right to terminate any group, remove a Group Organizer, or remove a group member if he or she violates our User Agreement or for any other reason.

User Agreement
The terms of the User Agreement (provided at registration) will also apply to the Group Organizer Agreement.

Organizer's Contact Information

As part of the Group creation process, you will be asked to provide your Name, Position in your organization (e.g. Club President, VP of Operations) and current Email address.

The information you provide must be true, accurate and complete. We request that you inform us if your contact information changes.


Swapsity does not sell or share group member email addresses with any third parties. All Users can edit their personal information at any time. You may refer to our Privacy Policy for additional details.

Group Invitation System

Group Organizers may use Swapsity's invitation package to invite their club members or friends to join the Group. Group Organizers will be able to provide a mailing list of all invited Users via Swapsity's invitation package interface. Swapsity will not share the provided email addresses with any third parties. You may refer to our Privacy Policy for details. The mailing list will be used to send out invitations to invite the recipients to join the Group. Upon receiving the invitation, invited Users will be prompted to create an account with Swapsity prior to being added to the Group.

Terms of Service

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