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Halloween Swap - October 23rd at 2:30pm

Coming to the swap? Please RSVP!

Halloween Costume & Accessory Swap

Halloween is creeping up but don't be scared of dropping your cash on costumes, accessories and decorations. Why buy a brand new costume you'll only wear for a few hours when you can trade for a gently-used one that's new to you? Recycle your spooky goodies and find some "new" Halloween items. Bring in your child's outgrown black cat accessories and pick up a superhero costume; trade in tombstone lawn decorations for a new sound effects CD to play during trick-or-treating. Gather up your unwanted costumes, wigs, wings, masks, decorations, horror movies and bring them to the Halloween Swap Meet!

Event Details

  • Date: October 23rd, Saturday
  • Location: 200 Spadina Avenue, Second Floor at GreenInstead (Queen & Spadina)
  • Time: 2:30pm to 3:30pm.
     The swapping fun starts at 3pm.
  • What to Bring: Adult and Kids Costumes, Wigs, Wings, Masks, Fake Nails, Hats, Halloween decorations and props, Halloween movies and other goodies!
  • Swap Meet Admission: $6 or $5 each if you bring a friend
  • Kids Free: Children under 16 enter for FREE!
  • What costume are you bringing? Let us know!

How Will It Work

Bring at least one gently used Halloween costume or other Halloween themed item to trade. You can bring up to 10 items to this event. For every item you bring, you will receive one bartering token, which will serve as your swap currency to exchange for another Halloween item.

When you arrive, we will record the number of items you've brought and hand you your tokens. All costumes will be placed on common tables according to sizes. You will also have the time to browse what other costumes are being offered. The swapping fun will commence at 3pm.

To ensure fairness, we'll pick names out of a hat so, one-by-one, each person will have their own time to select a Halloween costume, accessory or decoration they would like to take back. Each participant will be able to grab one item on their first round. Once everyone has picked an item, we will go on to round two, once again drawing names from a hat. In the last few rounds, it will be 'free for all', which means that everyone will have the liberty to take what they like at the same time!

If you have brought five items, you will be able to trade them for five of any costumes or Halloween decorations. Whatever piques your interest. Any leftovers will be donated to a charity. No cash transactions, just pure swapping!

Swapping Guidelines

We have laid out a few simple guidelines to keep the event running smoothly:

  1. Bring at least Halloween accessory, costume or other Halloween item. You can bring up to 10 Halloween items to this event.
  2. The costume has to be clean and in good condition.
  3. One item equals one token. So, if you bring three costumes, you will be able to take back three other costumes.
  4. The costume value should not exceed $30 unless you're willing to swap for a lesser value item.
  5. For more elaborate costumes, we will offer you 2 tokens.

See you on Saturday! Doors open at 2:30pm.

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