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Garage Sale - Frequently Asked Questions

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We have been receiving lots of questions about our event, so we thought we should post answers to common questions for everyone's benefit.

How It Works

What kind of Swap Meet is it? What can be traded?

This is a general swap meet where you can trade virtually anything, even services. All the items must to be safe for use and in usable condition. A section of the event will be dedicated exclusively to parents swapping kids items.

Do I have to be a Swapsity member to attend this event?

No, everyone is welcome to join in!

Can I bring a friend?

Of course, feel free to bring as many friends as you like!

Can I rent a table to display my items?

Yes, but you will need to reserve it ahead of time. You can rent a table for 2 hours at $20 (large table) or $25 (large tables with shelves). Each table has a chair or two.

Can I just visit this event and browse items?

Sure! You can even bring items you want to swap and sell. However, you will need to carry them on your own and will not be able to display them anywhere unless you book a table. General admission is only $2 payable at the door.

How will the swaps/sales work?

All swaps/sales have to be discussed between the two parties interested in the transaction. Swapsity is only organizing the event. You will need to negotiate with the item owner.

How many items can I bring?

You can bring as many items as you like. If you are bringing a lot of items, please make sure you book a table of an appropriate size.

What happens if I don't sell/swap my items?

You must make arrangements to take all of your unsold items with you upon your departure. You can also reduce prices or give things away for free. In the future, we will try to make arrangements to donate left over items to charity.

Can I both swap and sell?

Yes. You can swap, sell or give things away for free. If you want to barter and the trade is uneven you can also equalize the trade with cash.

What if my item is really bulky?

If the item is too large to carry, bring a photo along. If you find a potential swapper/buyer you can exchange contact information or Swapsity usernames.

I have a lot of things, any tips?

You may want to pack your items into a suitcase on wheels. It will make it easier to bring it. Please note that you may not leave your suitcase open on the floor. This will be a busy event and there should not be any obstruction. You can only use tables to display items.

How are the prices set?

It's up to the item owner to decide the value of the item offered. However, please keep your prices reasonable as this is a recycling event.

Can I offer skills or services at this event?

Yes. you can offer skills or services. Simply bring your business cards, portfolio or anything else related to your trade.

After swapping in person, can I also add this trade to Swapsity?

Yes! All completed swap transactions help to build your user rating and credibility within our swapping community. You can post the items you swapped, click 'Swap', accept the transaction and leave feedback. That way, the swap will show up in your profile.

Getting There

Where is the event? Is it close to TTC? What if I don't have a car?

The Swap Meet will be held at Walmer Road Baptist Church at 188 Lowther Avenue on the ground level. Enter from the south side of the church. It is a one or two minute walk from Spadina subway station. St George subway station is also close. Once you get there, we will see signs directing you to the swap meet venue.

Is affordable parking available?

Yes. There is a metered parking lot behind the church. The cost it only $1.50/hour or $6.00 max. Parking entrance is at the intersection of Lowther and Dalton, from the south side of the church. Street parking is also available in the area. You may even be able to find free parking in that area if you look around.

General Admission

What does the general admission cover?

The general admission covers the entry to the Garage Sale and gives you access to all the vendors selling their treasures. You will not be able to have your own table to hold a garage sale with general admission entry. However, you are welcome to bring along any things you want to trade or sell and carry them in a bag.

What time does the swap meet open to the general public?

General admission opens at 10:30am. The event closes around 12:15pm.

What should I bring?

Things you want to trade, a reusable bag to carry home the treasures you find and lots of enthusiasm!

Table Reservation for Garage Sale

Should I get a table?

If you are bringing a number of things and want to be able to display the items you are selling or swapping, we encourage you to reserve a table. Otherwise, you will need to carry these items around without displaying them.

What's my responsibility as the table owner?

You will need to set prices for your garage sale, protect your rented table from any damage (tip: bring a table cloth), set up your table 10 minutes before your garage sale and clean up after yourself when you are done.

How big is the large table?

The large table is about 65 inches by 28 inches or 165cm by 71cm.

What if I need more space?

We are also renting out large tables (65 inches by 28 inches) with a extra display shelves to showcase all your items. The cost is only $25.

What time can I set up my table?

Please come at 10:00am to set up your table. Doors open to the public at 10:30am, or possibly a little earlier.

If I have general admission, what time should I come?

You can come at anytime starting from 10:30am. For the first 50 garage sale attendees, we waive the $2 entry fee, and you get in for FREE!

I have reserved a table, what do I need to bring for the event?

Please bring all your garage sale items and a table cloth to cover and protect the table you have rented.

I am offering a skill/service, should I reserve a table?

If you would like to be able to sit down, we encourage you to book a table. If you prefer to walk around and mingle, you can simply purchase a general admission ticket.

Can I display my items anywhere else other than the table?

No. You can only display your items on tables. You cannot put them on the floor, on the chairs or anywhere else. You can however carry them along in your bag. If you have rented the large table with extra shelves, you are allowed to display your items on the shelves.

What Not to Bring

Are any items prohibited?

You should not bring any of these illegal items. Also, please do not bring your own tables, chairs or pets.

Tickets & Payment

Do I need to purchase general admission tickets in advance?

No. You can get them at the door for $2. You should however register for the event to receive swap meet tips and updates before the event and help us gauge how many people will be attending. Please note that the waiver applies to all event participants.

Do I need to purchase garage sale tickets (for table) in advance?

Yes. Garage sale tickets need to be purchased in advance. You can get your tickets here.

What are the payment options for garage sale tickets? Can I pay by Credit Card if I have no PayPal Account?

You can make a payment via Credit Card or through your PayPal account. Payment is handled securely on PayPal website. Once you are on PayPal's site, you will see the credit card option on the left hand side (tip: click on the Continue link next to Don't have a PayPal account? to pay via credit card without having to sign in to a PayPal account) and PayPal account option on the right side. You do not need to have a PayPal account to pay by a credit card. Contact us if you need any help.

What if I really want to rent a table but can't pay by Credit Card or PayPal?

Email us.

Do I need to print my ticket?

When you purchase your ticket, please provide your full name and a valid email address. We will email all registered attendees a few days before the event with event tips and updates. As long as you are on our event list, you do not need to print a ticket from your email account. The email will serve as a verification of your name being on our event list.

I'm coming for the Parent Swap Meet, what kind of ticket should I get?

Please get the general admission ticket if you are just attending the event ($2 payable at the door) or a garage sale ticket if you want to have a table. All the tables with kids items will be put together in one area of the swap meet. When you come for the event, please be sure to inform us that you need to have your table in the parent section. You will still have access to the rest of the swap meet.

Will Swapsity be selling tables for garage sale tickets at the door?

We will not be selling garage sale tickets at the door. You need to reserve and purchase your table ahead of time.

Can I bring my kids? Do they come in for free?

If you are participating in the Parent Swap, you can bring your kids. Please note that according to the rental location rules, all kids under the age of 16 must be accompanied by adults at all times. All children under the age of 12 can enter for free, however you are fully responsible for their safety and need to accompany them all the time.

What if I buy a ticket but can't make it to the event? Will you be offering any refunds.

Once sold, tickets are non-refundable. However, if we have a large waiting list of users and if you tell us ahead of time, we may be able to connect you with swappers who may want to buy it from you.

Location Details

Is this event indoors? What's provided at the location?

The Swap Meet is indoors. We will be providing tables with a chair for everyone who reserved a garage sale ticket. If you are not booking a table, you can walk around and browse. There are washrooms on location.

Is there AC?

There is no AC. The hall is on the ground floor. It has a comfortable temperature.

Other Questions

Will a lot of people be attending this event?

Certainly! This will be a busy event. Visitors will include Swapsity members and friends, our Facebook fans, Meetup groups members, garage sale lovers from Toronto, local community living in the Annex area and many more people. So don't miss it!

More Questions? Email us at info@swapsity.ca

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