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12 Reasons to Swap More in 2012

Jan 9th 2012, 13:44, by Swapsity

By Marta Nowinska

Everybody loves a good swap! It benefits you, the community and the planet. Items, skills, services, knowledge and time are all barter-worthy. Here are 12 reasons to swap more in 2012:

# 1 It makes you realize that you’re richer than you think! You have a wealth of knowledge, skills and pre-loved stuff that can be used as currency in a swapping community. It can afford you things you may not otherwise have a budget for, like art, massages or a cottage retreat.

# 2 It's financially smart to barter! You keep the same standard of living and savings even with the rising costs of living. Aim to swap for 5% of your income each month. The average Canadian is a whopping $26,000 in debt. Swapping leaves more money in your pockets and doesn’t max out your credit card. We've seen swappers save up to $4,000 by bartering kitchen renovations for a car or a cottage.

# 3 We currently consume 1.5 planets worth of resources when we only have one. Passing on your pre-loved items extends the life cycle of products and keeps useful items in circulation.

# 4 99% of all those things we buy are not in use after 6 months. By swapping what you no longer need, you get to de-clutter your space and free yourself of things you never use. Knowing that the other person will make better use of our pre-loved items is also rewarding.

#5 Swapping strengthens bonds and reinvigorates community spirit. It gives any community—office colleagues, neighbours, friends—a way to share resources and help each other out.

#6 Swapping makes you smile. It’s a lot of fun to go treasure hunting at a swap event or to complete a swap transaction with a fellow swapper. It just makes you want to swap more!

#7 It opens you up to new experiences and lets you learn new things without spending a dime. Would you have taken that scuba diving lesson if someone didn’t barter you for it?

#8 Swapping creates value for both participants as each swapper receives something they want and gives up something they don’t need. It’s a win-win situation!

#9 Swapping has a human element that’s often lacking in customer-to-clerk store transactions. It’s a community of people eager to help each other out. You meet new people when swapping and build valuable skill-swapping relationships with them.

#10 Swapping is a fun and easy way for parents to instill green habits in kids. Children will discover first hand just how much fun recycling can be by attending a swap meet or by swapping their outgrown stuff online with the help of their parents.

#11 You’re part of the Collabor ative Consumption movement—a socio-economic movement that has the power to build community, engagement in sustainable living and a vibrant peer-to-peer sharing economy.

#12 Swapping is just plain awesome! Just ask our swappers and start swapping to see for yourself.

Tell us, what makes you wanna swap?


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