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How Swapping Can Help You in Difficult Times

May 13th 2013, 12:25, by Swapsity

Swapping Adventures Part 1 by Emmanuel Lopez

How Swapping can Help in Difficult Times, Toronto
CanadaIf you are going through difficult times in your life or career right now, remember not to let a lack of money get in the way of the help you need. This is my story about swapping, and I hope it inspires you if you are feeling stuck.

A few years ago I claimed bankruptcy after having a thriving illustration and communications business for over 10 years. I lost my home and most of my possessions. Thankfully, good friends and family were very supportive and helpful. Plus, my passion for writing my Movies that Motivate blog twice a week energized me to persevere.

One of those movies was Phenomenon starring John Travolta as George, a car mechanic who experiences something profound that activates the full power of his brain. One scene in particular always inspired me. One man can't pay for the repair of his car, so George recommends that he help another person dig their well and they can help George assemble solar panels he needs. It was a smart way of swapping where everyone wins!

During my financial crisis I was mentally and emotionally broken and not even social assistance could help me with the counseling I needed. So I turned to swapping my services as a social media consultant for three needs: a wellness consultant, a massage therapist, and a business coach. The wellness consultant (Robin Noble) and I would meet once a week and she'd advise me on things like improving my diet, detoxing my body of stress and creating new daily habits to improve my mental, emotional, physical and spiritual bodies. She really helped me overcome the debilitating and lingering shock from my bankruptcy.

Barter in Difficult Times, Toronto Canada

In exchange, I helped her rewrite her business bio, upload it to her Linkedin profile and increase her online presence through Linkedin and Facebook. When she had promotional flyers that needed editing and designing, I would do it as quickly as I could. She would always express a huge gratitude for her peace of mind, knowing she could count on me! And the feeling was mutual because her expertise helped me on multiple levels of healing that I may not have received through conventional counseling or therapy.

The experience of bartering was incredible for everyone involved and we all agreed that each exchange was priceless! It showed me that there were caring people who were happy to help. These individuals had the spirit of down to earth kindness and humanity for assisting someone who simply needed help.

So, if you find yourself going through an unexpected life or career transition where financial challenges feel overwhelming, don't let it stop you from asking for what you need. Remember: you are not alone. There are people out there ready to help. Ask for what you need and just be open to different forms of mutually beneficial exchange.

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Emmanuel Lopez a.k.a. Motivatorman is a social media consultant, speaker and an award-winning illustrator and movie blogger. He helps people identify and communicate their greatness! The New York Times and The Washington Post have featured Emmanuel's blog called, Movies That Motivate. Emmanuel has also owned a successful illustration business, written a column for Zoomer Magazine and provided motivational talks for: TD Canada Trust, Royal Ontario Museum, Ontario Ministry of Finance, Lululemon Athletica, Schulich School of Business and The Art Institute of Boston. You can connect with Emmanuel on Swapsity.



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