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Top 10 Tips for Spring Organizing

Apr 17th 2011, 21:32, by Swapsity

Decluttering and organizing Need a little help getting organized? In our last post on de-cluttering, professional organizer and Swapsity member Jeremy Greer helped us shed some light on the psychology of clutter. Now Jeremy is back to share his top 10 tips for getting organized this spring!

Tip #1:  Instead of organizing an entire room, take on smaller projects within that room. Make a goal to organize one room this month and another room next month. Remember, organizing is a process.

Tip #2:  Shelve the perfectionism. If you don’t get your organizing project just right the first time, that’s okay. It will only get better with each draft.

Tip #3:  Do you suffer from “it was so expensive” syndrome? Save yourself the grief. Yes, maybe it was too much but why punish yourself for it every time you see that item? Get rid of it, forgive yourself and move on.

Tip #4:  Keep it simple. Pretend you are organizing for an 8-year-old. Design your space to fit their every need. This will help you to achieve a simple and organized home.

Tip #5:  Have a clutter buddy on call or hire an organizer for the de-clutter process. It is important to have someone challenge you, ask questions and hold you accountable for your decisions.

Tip #6:  Break often. Organizing is intense and requires focus, which tires us quickly. Be sure to take breaks and recharge. This also helps you return to your project with a different perspective.

Tip #7:  Keep an eye out for the “I may use it or wear it someday” syndrome. With that as your hold, you could be re-organizing the same items for a lifetime.

Tip #8:  Use the one in, one out rule, especially after you have taken the time to de-clutter and organize your space. This will keep your newly organized room looking trim. If you add something to the room, let something else go.

Tip #9:  Before the de-cluttering process begins, choose a charity or a friend you would like to give your items to.

Tip #10:  Remember this: the more you own, the more responsibilities you have.
Things take time to manage no matter if they are free, new or used. By reducing to only the things you love and need you are rewarding yourself with time.

If you’re wondering what to do with your unwanted items, remember you can turn them into services or things you need by trading them on Swapsity.

Happy organizing!


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