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SherDoc's Profile

Location: East York

Swapper's Stuff Pictures

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About Me:

I'm a Super Shawman Yogi, I allow cosmic energy to flow through and fuel me.

I grew up on a family farm, spent most my life; in the country, backpacking across Alberta/B.C, on a farm, in a rainforest, or up in a tree somewhere.

My Interests:

Tibetan Throat Singing
Wildly Thriving
Music Business
Self-Empowerment through Meditation
Bouldering and Rock Climbing
Connection Tree Synergy Meeting
Ice Climbing
Making Herbal Remedies at Home
Developing Phychic Awareness & The Subtle Senses
Astral Projection
Angel Exploration
Esoteric Science: Cosmology & Metaphysics
Raw Information
Subtle Body Health and Fitness
Raw, Vegan, Vegetarian Potlucks
Subtle Body Anatomy and Physiology
Food as Medicine
Chi Kung
Internal Alchemy
Taiji Qi Gong
Qigong Excercise
Chanting for our Planet
Meditation: Deep Breathing, Chanting, Prayer
Study and Application of Vedic Traditions
Chant for Peace
Ragas and Devotional Chanting
Tantric Massage
Vedic Chanting
Meditation and Chanting
Shamanic Healing
Becoming a Magician
Magnified Healing
Magnetics and Spirituality
Magnetic Therary
Magnified Happiness
Magnetic Fields
TMS Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation


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