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Book Movie Music Swap at Live Green Toronto Festival

Joining us? RSVP here

Weather forecast: A wave of unstoppable swapping fun is about to hit Toronto's Yonge-Dundas Square on July 19!

Swapsity is thrilled to be returning to the Live Green Toronto Festival—the city's largest outdoor celebration of all things green—for our most beloved and fun swap event of the year. The Book Movie Music Eco-Swap is returning for the 4th year running! It’s run 100% on volunteer power. To date, our swappers have amassed an astounding $200,000 in savings, recycled a mighty 30,000 items and swapped over 25,000 of those items.

Who doesn’t love a great swap? That feeling of finding a real gem—a classic you've been meaning to read, a movie for your next night in, or a rare album by a band you love—that gives a sudden rush of excitement, nostalgia, or sheer curiosity. Welcome to the Swap Zone, Toronto’s most fun, social, and eco-friendly way to give and get!

How it works: Bring up to 50 books or media items to the Swap Zone. Once you check them in, you will receive a token that can be used toward any of the items brought by your fellow swappers. At this event, you can swap DVDs for DVDs or VHS for VHS. Everything else can be mixed and matched—a book for a vinyl record or a CD for a book.

Want to join in the fun? Bring the books, comics, CDs, VHS tapes, DVDs, Blu-rays, and vinyl that you're ready to give away and take home something exciting and new-to-you in return. Done with your Godfather DVD collection? Trade it for the Star Wars trilogy. Exchange Eat Pray Love for a copy of One Hundred Years of Solitude or a jazz vinyl.

Whether you want to feel inspired, edified, or entertained, the Swap Zone is sure to scratch that itch.

5 CDs + 5 books


3 books + 6 records + 1 CD

3 books


2 CDs + 1 record

5 DVDs


5 DVDs


  1. You can bring books, comics, DVDs, Blu-rays, VHSs, CDs and vinyl records to this swap. Each participant can contribute up to 50 items per token. To participate, you must contribute at least one item. NEW!
  2. Each Swap Zone admission token costs $5 per participant. Kids (under 12) who are accompanied by a parent get in for free. We're only accepting cash payments at this event. NEW!
  3. We will be accepting VHS tapes at this event. VHS tapes can only be swapped for other VHS tapes.
  4. Please bring original media only. Counterfeit or pirated media items will not be accepted. VHS tapes must include original label or markings that verify the item is original. We will not accept any copied media.
  5. Participants are invited to bring books, movies and music of any genre. No X-rated or questionable media please. We reserve the right to reject any items that we feel are unsuitable.
  6. We will be accepting comic books. NEW!
  7. No textbooks, encyclopedias, dictionaries, magazines, Reader's Digest, software or games.
  8. We will not accept any Dollarama media items. NEW!
  9. We will not accept any promotional items. NEW!
  10. We will be accepting movies and music in both English and French, or foreign films with English and French subtitles. Please refrain from bringing foreign language media to this swap event.
  11. We will have a section dedicated to kids' and family books, movies and music. When dropping off your items, please let us know if any of your items are family-friendly.
  12. The items must be in good condition. Please do not bring any media items that skip or do not work. We will be checking all items that are dropped off to ensure they are original and not scratched. Remember, your items will be passed on to a fellow Torontonian.
  13. We will issue a swap token to each Swap Zone participant. Each participant needs the token to enter and re-enter the Swap Zone.
  14. You will be able to take the same number of items that you bring. If you choose to take back fewer items, that's fine too. Extras left over will be donated. Keep in mind that all swaps are final.
  15. DVDs can only be swapped for other DVDs. NEW!
  16. All media items will be considered equal value. For example, if you contribute 10 books, you may pick up five records, three CDs and two books.
  17. Kindly refrain from bringing buggies, carts or large bags into the Swap Zone. NEW!
  18. There will be no money exchanged, and no purchase of swap items. Just pure swapping.
  19. You may only trade items from your personal collection.
  20. Live Green Toronto Membership Card holders who participate in the swap will receive one bonus item while supplies last. For example, cardholders who drop off 5 items, will be able to pick up 6 items. You must present your membership card to get your bonus swap.
  21. You can redeem your tokens anytime on July 19th, between 11:00am and 7:45pm. If you have a token but don't find anything that you like when you arrive, you can come back to the Swap Zone later in the day to swap your token for new arrivals.
  22. Only swap tokens issued on July 19th will be accepted during this event. Please do not bring tokens from previous events. They will not be valid.
  23. You will receive 1 credit for each CD, DVD, Blu-ray disc you contribute. For example, if you bring the 6th Season of Smallville on 4 Blu-ray discs, you will be given 4 credits to use toward other media items. If you bring a 2 DVD set of Planet Earth, you will be given 2 credits. Book-CD combos will count as two items.
  24. All media items must be stored in a case. Media items must be original, but the cases do not have to be.
  25. Be considerate to other swappers and refrain from "camping out" in one location. Doing so obstructs traffic and creates a bottleneck in the Swap Zone. NEW!
  26. The Swap Zone can get very busy. At peak traffic times, swappers are requested to limit their swapping time to 20 minutes to give others a chance to find items at the Swap Zone. You can of course come back later on. NEW!
  27. Unredeemed Book Movie Music Swap tokens are not transferrable to our future events.
  28. Above all, we are committed to maintaining the integrity and the values behind the Swap Zone. We reserve the right to ban any participant who neglects the Swapping Guidelines.


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