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Swap anything you like on Swapsity! Okay, maybe not your boss or bills—but you can always barter your stuff, skills and awesome superpowers: the currency here is as unique as you are.

"Bartering is back and in a big way" ~ CTV

"One of the most popular Canadian swap sites" ~ ParentCentral, Toronto Star

"A barterer's paradise" ~ Greenr Blog

"Swapsity is the place to find great items, services and wonderful connections... without spending a dime. Being a Swapsity swapper has helped me turn my skills and household items into currency. Everyone should be on it!"
~ Shannon Lee Simmons, The New School of Finance

"Swapping has opened up a new way for me to learn different skills, meet interesting people and help others. I am looking forward to my next swapping experience!"
~ Raj Dhiman, Researcher, Educator and Public Speaker