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Countdown to the Fashion Swap Party!

Mar 1st 2011, 16:29, by Swapsity

The RSVPs are rolling in for our upcoming Eco-Fashionista Swap Party! Hope you’re as thrilled about this Saturday’s event as we are. It'll be an extravaganza of belts, colourful scarves, oversized sunglasses, stylish shoes and so much more. To get you ready for the swap party, we have a few helpful tips:

TIP 1: Keep or Toss?
Take stock of your jewellery box and accessory drawer. Do you have shoes, scarves, jewellery or bags you seldom or never wear? Go through your accessories and take out any items you don’t wear, you don’t like or no longer fit. Set aside all items that have outlived their use. This is a great time to take everything out and sort into a “keep” pile and a “don’t keep” pile. Remember, these unloved items are just creating clutter. Bring the items in your “don’t keep” pile to the fashion swap.

TIP 2: Tough-to-Toss Pieces
Letting go of things is probably the hardest part of clearing your closet. Just as you’re about to toss those shoes you wore once three years ago, you probably think to yourself, “What if I want to wear them again?” Don’t let the cost of something hold you back, either. Just because it was expensive, it’s not worth keeping if you’re never going to wear it again. Remember, keeping things you barely wear, takes space away from the items that you do actually wear. Pick items that make you look and feel amazing and toss items that don’t accentuate your best qualities. If you have not worn a piece in three years, what are the chances you will wear it again?

TIP 3: I Love My Wardrobe!
An amazing wardrobe can make a girl feel younger, sexier and more confident! Get rid of all your unloved and ill-fitting accessories and unwanted jewellery and fill your space with your favourite pieces. Ultimately, you want a wardrobe you really love that makes you feel and look good about yourself.

Now you’re ready to swap your pre-loved jewellery and accessories with fellow fashionistas. One girl’s unwanted belt or necklace is another girl’s treasure! It’s the stylish way to recycle. Be sure to join us!

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