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Swapsity Blog > Barter Babe Column

By Shannon Simmons A couple of weeks ago, I met six urban women at a friend’s apartment for a clothing swap. My wardrobe needed a little sprucing up, and I was trying to reduce my consumption to keep money off my credit card – especially during the holiday season – so when I got the...

Diving into Your First Swap Deal

Oct 3rd 2012, 13:29, by Swapsity

By Shannon Simmons The world needs more barter! Most of us know barter is a good idea; it can keep us from using credit cards and helps to save money. But knowing barter is a good idea is one thing, but actually taking that first step to initiate a swap can be intimidating to some first-time swappers. This...

Top Tips from the Barter Babe

Aug 3rd 2012, 16:21, by Swapsity

By Shannon Simmons I hope you enjoy the video on my 3 best barter tips. These tips are extremely useful for people who are trying to save a buck and live more sustainable. I barter 5% of my after-tax income. Mostly, I trade my financial advice but I've also learned to swap other items in my home and...

Clutter as Currency

Feb 29th 2012, 14:19, by Swapsity

By Shannon Simmons Stuff, stuff, stuff and more stuff! Is anyone else tuning into home decor shows for neat ways to hide and deal with their stuff? I know I am. We live in a consumer-based economy and it shows in our drawers, shelves and closets. If you’re anything like me, spring cleaning is...

Think Outside the Barter Box!

Jan 24th 2012, 11:42, by Swapsity

By Shannon Simmons During my year living on barter, I learned that I have many more skills to swap than just what I do for a living—it was an important lesson. When I started bartering, I didn’t think outside the box about what I could offer people. I only offered up my financial advice...

Changing Money Habits

Dec 30th 2011, 13:57, by Swapsity

By Shannon Simmons Save more. Spend less. Barter often. These are great financial goals for the New Year, but there’s a big problem – these goals are vague, and vague goals can be overwhelming. Many of us resolve to get our finances in order without any idea of what we will do to accomplish...

Barter in Your Budget

Nov 25th 2011, 11:40, by Swapsity

By Shannon Simmons I spent a year living without money. I saved up enough for rent and my cell phone bill for the year but had to barter for everything else. Spending a year living on the barter system forced me to get out there and put the collaborative consumption model to the test. Can you really...

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