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The House Hunt is Officially Over

Jun 26th 2013, 17:32, by Swapsity

Swapping Adventures Part 4 by Emmanuel Lopez   This is a big THANK YOU to every single person that helped and supported my quest for a new home. Despite the tight budget and deadline, I am happy to say I found a peaceful new apartment with a fantastic view and a caring landlord. During this adventure,...

Read Part 1 Read Part 2 Swapping Adventures Part 3 by Emmanuel Lopez First, I want to thank everyone who read the last post, recognized the courage it took to be so open and extended heartfelt support for my needs. It was frightening and yet I felt it was worth it, just in reading the messages from others...

Read Part 1 Swapping Adventures Part 2 by Emmanuel Lopez Have you ever felt hopeless in difficult times, like a financial crisis or an unexpected life change? I’ve been through so many of these challenges that I’ve amassed an abundance of solutions for staying positive, and I use them to...

Swapping Adventures Part 1 by Emmanuel Lopez If you are going through difficult times in your life or career right now, remember not to let a lack of money get in the way of the help you need. This is my story about swapping, and I hope it inspires you if you are feeling stuck. A few years ago I claimed...

Meet Shannon Simmons, a charismatic and upbeat financial planner who recently wrapped up a life-changing year of bartering. In 2010, Shannon quit her high rolling Bay Street job to spend a year living on barter. It was a huge adjustment for Shannon, who went from Holt Renfrew to housecoats, daily taxis...

The Great Barter Build

May 10th 2011, 00:15, by Swapsity

It’s inspiring to see so many Swapsity members carrying out their big dreams the barter way. First, we met Martin and learned about his incredible quest to swap his way to the green car of his dreams. Now we’re happy to introduce you to Jay Peachy, a Vancouver-based artist who is taking...

Martin Provost is on a quest. The Ottawa resident and Swapsity member is on the road to becoming the next Kyle MacDonald. Instead of swapping his way from a paper clip to a house, Martin started with a used Minolta Maxuum SLR camera and is determined to keep trading until he reaches the planet-friendly...

How Bartering Led to Networking

Feb 21st 2011, 17:01, by Swapsity

When Jim heard about Swapsity, he was ecstatic! No stranger to bartering, he couldn’t wait to share his past swapping experiences. In the mid-90’s, Jim built an awesome Laserdisc collection on barter and learned valuable lessons about negotiation and networking that remain with him to this...

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