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Swapsity Blog > Go Green

If you’ve attended any of our large-scale swap meets, you’ve seen us save more than 16,000 items from going to landfills in the last year, simply by getting people together and swapping. Did you know that over 130,000 tonnes of e-waste—cell phones, MP3 players, GPS devices, computers...

Somewhere between the coasts of California and Japan, amid the once pristine stretches of ocean, floats an ever-expanding gigantic mass. It’s estimated at double the size of the state of Texas, weighing 3.5 million tons and measuring 90 feet deep. It's The Great Pacific Garbage Patch, considered to...

Happy Earth Day!

Apr 22nd 2011, 17:00, by Swapsity

Every April 22, we collectively celebrate our environment but it’s what we do the other 364 days of the year that truly honours Earth Day. Today marks an occasion meant to inspire awareness and appreciation for Mother Earth, reminding everyone to conserve, preserve and save our planet. With a...

Earth Hour - March 26

Mar 25th 2011, 01:11, by Swapsity

At 8.30pm on Saturday March 26th, 2011, the world will unite once again in recognition of Earth Hour. Millions of people around the globe will be switching the lights off for energy conservation and global sustainability. Join in this awesome green gesture but don't just sit around in a dark room. Here's...

Go Green with Helpful Holiday Tips

Dec 20th 2010, 16:41, by Swapsity

It may be a white Christmas but Swapsity has a few tips to make your celebrations a little greener. Try some of these eco-friendly ideas this holiday season. Christmas Cards: Save paper by sending your warm wishes in an e-card instead of using traditional cards. Greener Gifts: When it comes to giving gifts,...

Story of Stuff

Nov 23rd 2010, 14:33, by Swapsity

Did you ever stop and wonder where all the stuff we own comes from, how it gets to us and where it goes when we're finished with it? Want to learn the real costs of our consumer-driven culture and what you can do to help stop the vicious cycle? Watch this thought provoking video for a fact-filled look at...

Greenify Your Life Workshop

Aug 18th 2010, 11:21, by Swapsity

You can't go wrong by going green, whether it's through swapping, choosing to borrow instead of buy or learning more about eco-friendly products. If you're keen on switching to all-natural green alternatives in bath and beauty products and regimens, you've got to add this workshop to your schedule. Find...

Earth Day

Apr 19th 2010, 10:27, by Swapsity

Earth Day is upon us and Swapsity is ready with a few green ideas to help you celebrate in a creative and refreshing way. #1 Let your eco-friendliness rub off Don't keep your green ideas to yourself! Share your eco-skills and earth-friendly items with the Swapsity community. Teach someone...

Earth Hour

Mar 27th 2010, 13:27, by Swapsity

Earth hour is today! We hope that you're going to join the hundreds of millions of people around the world and turn off the lights for one hour. Earth Hour is a snapshot of the positive impact we can make by working together to protect our planet. Get involved by turning off your lights between...

Earth Day

Apr 20th 2009, 11:49, by Marta

Once again, it's that most popular eco-time of the year! Earth Day is a reminder that each of us counts when it comes to protecting the natural gifts of our planet. Man cannot live without the natural world and its enormous wealth, yet we keep taking from the Earth and consuming more than we actually...

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